Kids Heart Challenge

Thu, 01/09/2020 - 10:12am

You may already know that our annual P.E. community service event is almost here!  This is Waterloo’s 18th year partnering with the American Heart Association to help children who suffer from heart conditions, while at the same time keeping our heart healthy by honing our jump rope and fitness skills in physical education. We’ll kick off our campaign on January 28th with a pep rally in the afternoon and find out about how to help. We’ll also get a sneak peek at our incentive “Thank You” gifts.  This year’s prizes are called the Heart Heroes and feature friendly characters that clip onto your backpack and have names like Perrie, Nico, Crush and Sunny to name a few.

For more information:

Kids Heart Challenge 2020 Information Letter

Waterloo Elementary Kids Heart direct link for signing up and donations

Contact Mrs. Eckley: